XCOM: Enemy Unknown Cheats and Trainers


Although various XCOM: Enemy Unknown trainers have been developed for those who wish to cheat the video game developed by Firaxis Games, some of them don’t work; therefore, the following guide introduces a free XCOM: Enemy Unknown trainer developed for v1.0.0.5443.

The program was added on DLH.net with the purpose of helping all XCOM: Enemy Unknown players who experience difficulties in completing the missions featured in the videogame, and it is divided in three parts.

The first part includes a series of XCOM: Enemy Unknown cheats that can be activated during a mission, while the second part contains an editor, which modifies the stats of a soldier included in the player’s team.

The final part activates an XCOM: Enemy Unknown cheat code for unlimited credits and a command that can be used to deactivate all active cheats.

Using this specific trainer, players get unlimited movement points, unlimited health for their soldiers; or they can modify a soldier’s stats such as HP (health points), will, and even the number of kills he performed.

The trainer however, works only on XCOM: Enemy Unknown and can’t be used to cheat The Bureau: XCOM Declassified.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a turn-based strategy video game which incorporates some gameplay elements found in role-playing games. It is also a remake of the first X-Com video game, released in 1994, and known as UFO: Enemy Unknown, X-COM: UFO Defense, or X-COM: Enemy Unknown.

Published by 2K Games, the title became available on October 9, 2012, for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. While the story is similar to the one revealed in the original game, the gameplay elements have been improved by developers, to fit the current platforms and to enhance the player’s experience.

The game is divided in missions, in which the player controls a team of human soldiers fighting against the alien invasion. The missions take place on various continents and environments; but between missions, players return to their main base where they can research new weapons, hire new soldiers and improve their bases by adding new structures.

Unlike in UFO: Enemy Unknown, the player is allowed to control a single base. As in most turn-based video games, during a mission, the squad members have limited action points, which can be spent to move, take cover, provide cover fire, or attack their enemies.

When all action points are spent, the turn ends, and a new turn begins but this time all actions are performed by the opposing team. Players observe the battlefield from an isometric 3D perspective, which allows them to move the camera around and use the environment in their advantage.

An interesting aspect is how a mission is generated in XCOM: Enemy Unknown. If players decide to replay a mission, they can notice that even if the map remains unchanged, the enemies will spawn in different places.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown provides a single-player and a multiplayer mode for up to 2 players.

Soon after its release date, the video game received multiple acclaims and positive scores from critics and reviewers such as GameSpy (5/5), VideoGamer (9/10) and Eurogamer (9/10).

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Trainer for PC

Players who own the PC version of the game, and want to cheat XCOM: Enemy Unknown can try the free trainer uploaded on DLH.net.

The trainer activates twelve cheat codes for XCOM: Enemy Unknown, but it was tested on v1.0.0.5443; therefore it may not work on all versions.

Moreover, the XCOM: Enemy Unknown mega-trainer may be reported as harmful by some antivirus programs, therefore player will have to use it at their own risk, following several steps:

Download the trainer from DLH.net. Extract all files included in the archive (XCOM_Enemy_Unknown_v1.0.0.5443_Plus_12_Trainer.rar).

Copy the files in the game’s directory, and then launch the trainer.

While the trainer runs, start the game, and then play a mission.

When the mission starts, press the keys listed below, to activate the corresponding XCOM cheats.

List of XCOM: Enemy Unknown Mission Cheats

The following cheats affect all soldiers in a team:

Numpad 1 – Infinite health (God Mode) for all soldiers

Numpad 2 – Infinite movement for all soldiers

Numpad 3 – Maximum offense

Numpad 4 – Maximum defense

Numpad 5 – Infinite will for all soldiers

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Editor for Soldiers

The cheat codes listed below affect only the selected soldier:

Numpad 6 – Add 100 HP (Health Points)

Numpad 7 – Add 100 aim

Numpad 8 – Add 100 defense points

Numpad 9 – Add 100 will points

Numpad + – Add 100 missions to a soldier’s reputation

Numpad – – Add 100 kills to a soldier’s reputation

Other XCOM: Enemy Unknown Cheat Codes

Numpad . – Infinite credits

Home – Disable all active cheats

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Cheats and Trainers
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