It’s easy to find a top 5 list of online games for 2017. A lot of people want to share information about their favorite games to all of their friends and the people who visit their websites. It’s certainly a popular subject for most gaming blogs. Since few people will ever agree on the top five best examples of anything, it’s also a controversial subject that will get people talking.

In the online casino gaming world, 2017 has been a great year. There have been plenty of fantastic slot games released over the past several months. The Beautiful Bones video slot is easily one of the best slots available at present. Several months after the release, a lot of people will still rate this particular slot highly when they’re making a list of their favorites. On the basis of the graphics alone, this is a beloved slot.

The Huangdi The Yellow Emperor video slot game is another popular entry that managed to rise through the ranks in 2017. Many people have loved the graphics, as well as the sheer excitement that this game is capable of generating. This is a game that does very well with regards to its basic game play features and almost everything else connected with it.

Of course, there a lot of online casino gaming fans who care more about their winnings than the aesthetics of the games that they’re playing, and there are plenty of games that will work well in that way. Mega Fortune is a new progressive slot game that will really help a lot of people succeed on a level that would probably have seemed impossible at first. This should be one of the most successful games from and for NetEnt in general.

People are already seeing Mega Fortune show up on endless lists featuring the biggest jackpot winners, and this is a trend that is only going to continue. People might love the graphics and the game play mechanics of a lot of other games even more, but there is a reason why those games do not tend to be featured on the lists of the most successful players.

Golden Ticket is a surprisingly great game from the terribly underrated Play N Go company. Some people might be expecting that the game will strongly reference Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, based on the title. Other people might be expecting something close to the book. While it’s probable that the creators had something like that in mind, the game has carnival imagery instead. People might be thinking of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory while they are playing this delightful game anyway.

Starburst is another video slot game that might be popular partly due to the nostalgia that a lot of people feel. This game will bring back a lot of people’s memories of the 1980’s, or at least the memories that they wished that they had. Platinum Play casino games are numerous enough that people should be able to find both newer and older games that they love.