The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct Lemon Hill Collectibles Locations


Unlike the previous area in The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct, the video game, Lemon Hill features only one TWD collectible that can be found by Daryl.

The collectible in TWD: Survival Instinct Lemon Hill zone is a Stuffed Squirrel and the following video game guide explains where to find it.

The guide refers strictly to the Lemon Hill zone, which can be accessed after Taggart, and contains a series of hints that will lead players to the exact location of the collectable they have to retrieve.

Lemon Hill Description:

“Lemon Hill’s Summer Festival drew crowds for its spectacular fireworks show. The crowds attracted swarm of Walkers, despite military efforts.”

Lemon Hill Stuffed Squirrel Location

The hidden Walking Dead: Survival Instinct Stuffed Squirrel in Lemon Hill is very easy to miss because of its location. When the mission starts, you can hear Merle telling Daryl to meet him at the gas station.

There is only one safe path to follow at this point, if you wish to avoid the Walkers on the street.

The said path leads through a large building on the left side of the main road. Above the entrance you can see that the building belongs to a Lease company.

Immediately after you exit the building, turn left and follow the alley in front of you, looking for a ladder that leads to the roof. The ladder should be on the left side of the alley, near a blue door and some trash bins. When you find the ladder, climb it and advance slowly looking for an opening between the current roof and the next one that can be observed in front of you.

Once you find the opening, jump down and turn left to see the Walking Dead: Survival Instinct Lemon Hill collectible at the end of the corridor created between the roofs.

You can also search for the hidden Stuffed Squirrel while gathering the fireworks for Merle. Once you have retrieved the collectable, complete the mission to advance towards the next area: Barksdale.

Walking Dead: Survival Instinct Collectibles Locations