Smurfs 2 The Video Game Characters List


Smurfs 2 The Video Game features 31 Smurfs that can be unlocked during the game, but not all of them are playable characters.

The following game guide reveals the complete lists of Smurfs and explains how to unlock them faster.

The videogame developed by Ubisoft and WayForward Technologies is an action platformer divided in six worlds, each world featuring six levels.

The final level of a world includes a boss, and as soon as players manage to defeat it, a new playable Smurf is unlocked. When the game starts, players can choose from up to four Smurfs which are automatically unlocked, these Smurfs being Papa Smurf, Clumsy, Grouchy, and Vanity.

At the end of the first world, players who manage to defeat the Giant Frog will unlock Brainy, while those who successfully defeat Azrael in Spooky Woods will eventually unlock Gutsy. The remaining playable Smurfs are Jokey, Hefty and Smurfette.

Even if these are the main characters in Smurfs 2 The Game, players can unlock more Smurfs by collecting the hidden gold coins.

The coins are easy to find, but hard to get, especially during the first playthrough, because most of them require specific Smurfs.

For example some coins are located in high places that can only be reached by Brainy who can jump higher than other Smurfs. Other coins are located behind blocks made of stone and only Hefty, Jokey or Gutsy can destroy them.

Players, who wish to unlock all Smurfs in the videogame and in single-player mode, should focus on completing the game once, because at the end of the sixth world, they will unlock a new feature called Smurf Mode.

When the Smurf Mode is activated, players can switch between all playable characters during a level, meaning that they will be able to collect those coins that cannot be reached while playing the game for the first time.

Furthermore, players will notice that some areas in a level are sealed by blue blocks, that can’t be destroyed by any of the Smurfs. The blue blocks vanish after the fifth world (Lava Jungle), if players defeat the Phoenix summoned by Gargamel.

Playable Smurfs

The list below includes all playable Smurfs that can be accessed in Smurfs 2 The Video Game, along with their skills, as they appear in the game.

Papa Smurf –– Unlocked – “Papa Smurf throws potions that can freeze creatures!”

Clumsy -– Unlocked – “Clumsy can tumble past danger and free creatures from Gargamel’s spell!”

Grouchy –- Unlocked – “Grouchy stomps the ground hard and can break blocks!”

Vanity -– Unlocked – “Vanity freezes in place so all can admire him or use him to get to high places!”

Brainy -– Beat the giant frog in the Enchanted Forest – “Brainy uses his calculations to jump higher than other Smurfs!”

Gutsy – Beat Azrael in Spooky Woods – “Gutsy can use his super punch to free creatures or can break almost anything!”

Jokey – Beat Hackus and Vexy in New York – “Jokey throws presents to help creatures shake Gargamel’s spell!”

Hefty -– Beat the Polar Bear in Arctic Tundra – “Hefty throws his barbell to release creatures from Gargamel’s spell!”

Smurfette – Beat Gargamel in Paris – “Smurfette can float in the air and cross areas of great danger!”

Unlockable Smurfs

For collecting all hidden coins, players can unlock 20 Smurfs; however, two additional Smurfs can also be unlocked by completing the game. These characters are Hackus and Vexy.

The remaining characters require 100 hidden coins, meaning that a new Smurf is unlocked as soon as players manage to find 5 coins.

When all 100 hidden coins have been collected, players will notice that the following Smurfs have been added to their villages: Harmony, Panicky, Handy, Greedy, Baker, Reporter, Party Planner, Farmer, Clueless, Passive Aggressive, Lazy, Crazy, Painter, Narrator, Smooth, Tailor, Barber, Doctor, Poet, and Miner.

Smurfs 2 The Video Game Characters List