Do you want to know where to find the sex scenes in RDR2? Though certainly tamer than other Rockstar titles (looking at you, GTA 5), Read Dead Redemption 2 possess its share of risqué PG moments. Following is VGFAQ’s guide to finding and enjoying these in-game, naughty scenes. The game is so rich in detail that it is hard to know every scene to watch out for, so for players and concerned parents alike, we will update this guide as we uncover more. We begin here with a guide to prostitution encounters inside the game:

COMPANION MISSION – A QUIET TIME (LOOKING FOR LENNY): We begin with one of the most fun missions in the game, A Quiet Time. Shortly into Chapter 2, Dutch asks Arthur to take Lenny into town and help him forget his worries by getting drunk. As the pair get progressively more intoxicated, Arthur finds himself stumbling around the saloon looking for his companion. At one point, he stumbles into a room and catches a working girl and a John engaging in a little woman-on-top action, or two Lenny-Lookalikes having sex in the same position. The scene itself is fairly tame, like the quick boob shot of an 80s teen movie. But, if you play this mission right, you can catch both the regular couple and the Lenny couple in the act. You can find an example at the 11:39 section of this video:


RDR2’s main protagonist, Arthur Morgan, will lose health and stamina if the player does not regularly rest, feed, and bathe him. That’s right, even Old West outlaws need a little self-care, like a Tamagochi pet. As early as Chapter 2 in the game, Arthur has the opportunity to check-in to the hotel in the town of Valentine. Here, for a small fee, he can change outfits, catch some z’s, or get clean by taking a bath. To take a bath, pay the hotel clerk 25 cents and head back to the bath room found on the mini map. Once in the bath, the player will receive prompts to scrub various parts of Arthur’s body. Shortly after, there will be a knock on the door, and a female voice will offer the option of a “Luxury Bath” for an additional 50 cents. If the player accepts, a beautiful young woman, often in a low-cut working-class dress, will enter the room and begin scrubbing Arthur as he sits in the soap bubbles. The player has the option of chatting the bath attendant up, or simply sitting back and relaxing as she gets Arthur clean all over. The entire scene will last about 60 seconds, after which she may give Arthur a peck on the cheek or forehead before leaving the room. We then see Arthur from behind as he emerges from the bath, and then exits the room fully-clothed and clean. Sorry, no happy endings here!

Throughout the game, the player can get a luxury bath at any hotel or saloon that offers it. Each location offers bath girls as diverse as the landscape. From Mountain Mama to Cajun Queen to City Girls, Arthur can get a bath from all types of suggestively-dressed women in all types of places. You can find a bath in the hotels in Valentine, Strawberry and Van Horn Trading Outpost, and the saloons in Rhodes and St Denis.

In every saloon and throughout the streets and back alleys of the game’s towns and city, Arthur will run into suggestively-dressed women who may flirt with or proposition him. But despite his lust for blood, Arthur seems to have little libido. He always turns them down, giving us at best a bit of witty repertoire. The one time that Arthur does indulge himself, he gets robbed in the alley. Perhaps a warning from the game makers?

That wraps up this guide for finding the tamest prostitutes in the Rockstar universe. Come back for more articles on RDR2 scenes as we post them.