Metro Last Light Chapter 28, also known as The Garden, starts after Artyom chooses the fate of Pavel in Red Square.

The Garden is the last thing that stands between Artyom and the peace conference. It is also the place where he discovers the truth about the D6 bunker with the help of the Dark One.

There are two Artyom’s hidden Diary pages in The Garden, and the next Metro Last Light collectibles’ guide reveals their locations through a series of hints, tips and a video walkthrough.

Chapter 28 Description


“We have to make it to Polis in time for the peace conference. There isn’t going to be any peace… Just war. The last war!

Now I know the answers to all the questions. Pavel’s head proved to be a real treasury of Korbut’s sinister plans.”

Diary Page #1

Jump over the fence and follow the path through the garden while dealing with the creatures.

After you crawl under some roots you can see a large female Watchmen (the one that is making the sound you are supposed to investigate).

Before chasing her, grab the first Metro Last Light Diary Page that is sitting next to the dead body on your left side.

“Now I know it all. The picture is complete. All I saw was just in preparation. The real blow will be delivered at the very last moment. When nobody would expect. Korbut boasted he was going to take the whole of the Metro without spilling blood. He could really do it.

The last blood he’d have to spill would be the blood of the Order fighters protecting D6.

The Reds are going to take them by surprise, for at the very moment Moskvin is going to be signing the peace treaty with Miller and the others.”

Diary Page #2

Follow the large Watchmen to start the fight. When the fight is over, continue to follow the waypoint, save the Bear (the large creature) from the smaller Watchmen if you want to unlock an achievement/trophy, then you should reach some stairs.

Before going any further (near the gates where you hear the voice), collect the second Metro Last Light Diary Page that is at the top of the stairs, on the left side.

“And then Korbut would have a weapon which could wipe out all of Humanity… If that hadn’t been done before.

All the stations will be filled with corpses. And the Red Line will rule the Metro. If it manages to contain the virus – after all, it could mutate, too… I can’t waste a minute anymore.

I have to make it in time for this “peace” conference.”

Go through the gate to meet up with Khan and Miller. The chapter called Polis is unlocked after the cutscene.