Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Walkthrough Part 22 Cursewood


Mel Senshir is the most important settlement in Klurikon, the vast area featured in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.

Located in the northern part of Cursewood, Mel Senshir is in fact a garrison for the troops fighting against the Tuatha.

In the next video game guide, we reveal all quests that must be completed while traveling through Mel Senshir and Cursewood, towards the next region, known as The Midden.

Our Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning walkthrough part 22 Cursewood is a text guide, created for all KoA Reckoning fans who wish to beat the game and solve as many quests as possible.

When you reach Mel Senshir, talk to Commander Owaiglyn who waits for you at the entrance. Tell him that you are ready to fight, and the objective of your main quest will update. You must defend Mel Senshir at all costs.

Main Quest: Breaking the Siege

Objective: Reach the Outer Wall

To complete this quest, you have to follow the citadel’s wall and kill all Tuatha encountered. Make sure you destroy all ladders used by the invaders, and disarm the traps. Follow the wall SE and talk to Alyn Shir. Continue to push forward until you reach the door to the Ramparts.

Enter and follow the wall until you will enter the area where Tilera is fighting Malwyn. After the cutscene, your objective will change again, and you have to complete a boss fight against Witch Knight Malwyn.

For this specific fight, boost your damage as much as you can, and drink a Mastered Steeled Curtain potion.

Additionally, drink a potion to protect your hero from fire attacks, because Malwyn’s creature will cast a fire spell on you.

The fastest way to defeat Malwyn is to counter his melee attacks and retaliate with a powerful combo attack. When he starts to levitate, try to roll over to avoid the fire attacks of the creature Malwyn brought to Mel Senshir. This monster is known as Balor.

Kill the boss, and watch the cutscene showing Tilera trying to defeat Balor in the courtyard, then you will receive a new objective. You must pursue the Balor.

Enter the Battlements and advance towards the marker, killing all Tuatha. Talk to Agarth and push forward. While fighting in the Battlements, you also have to defeat a Prismere Troll, and a Niskaru Tyrant, summoned by a priest.

Make sure the Tuatha Priest dies first. When you reach the area where Balor fires his beam on you, sprint and take cover behind the stone wall. Eventually, you will reach the entrance to the Ramparts. Go inside to defeat the Balor.

Even if the Balor is a huge boss, you will notice that it is a very weak opponent. In fact, as an archer, you will find this battle quite entertaining. The strategy you have to use to take him out is clear.

Fire your bow/spells all the time, and roll around to avoid his attacks. Melee his claws and his head when they are on the ground, then rise your shield to avoid his breath attack.

Repeat these steps and you will take him out in no time. If you win this battle, you will unlock a new achievement/trophy: Hero of Mel Senshir.

Talk to Commander Owaiglyn and you will also unlock The Siegebreaker Twist of Fate which increases your damage by 6% and your experience bonus by 4%.

At this point Breaking the Siege quest ends and you will start a new one: Silence Falls.

It is time now, to visit some of the buildings in Mel Senshir.

First go to the Tavern and talk to Fridi Edstar. Tell her that Tak Edstar died, and give her Death Notice. It is the final Death Notice you need to deliver, so you can complete the Messenger side-quest.

Don’t forget to return to Whitestone in Apotyre to receive your reward.

Exit the tavern and talk to Aedran Tyr in the south-western gardens, to start the Remembrance side-quest. Now, go to the Hospital and talk to Matrim Hawkins to start the Malicious Practices side –quest.

Outside, to the north, locate Bronwen Senn to start a quest named Rite of Honor.

Main Quest: Rite of Honor

Objective: Answer the Challenge

To complete this quest, all you have to do is to defeat a series of warriors in the arena, including the First Sword, Bronwen Senn. While fighting the challengers, keep in mind that all of them are vulnerable to poison, all of them can be stunned and all of them can be pushed against the arena’s walls. If you manage to bring them there, you can’t lose.

After you collect your reward, exit to Mel Senshir and explore the Broken Tower. When you reach the final chamber (through the tunnel behind the hidden wall), simply kill Corialia Scathe, and go back to Matrim Hawkins to finish the Malicious Practices quest.

It is time to leave Mel Senshir, and enter the first zone in Klurikon, Cursewood.

When you enter Cursewood, near the exit you will find a small camp. Here, you will meet a strange NPC, named Cydan, who wants to help you fight Tuatha.

For additional information Cydan asks you to travel to Foe’s Hearth, in the pass between Cursewood and The Midden. In the same camp, you should talk to Captain Drefan, to start the Eyes and Ears side-quest.

Explore Cursewood and to the south you will find a small hidden area, where a battle took place. Loot the Fallen Warrior and pick up the Bloodsoaked Journal. Take the journal to Aedran Tyr in Mel Senshir to complete the Remembrance side-quest.

Continue to explore Cursewood and make sure you have the following points of interest on your map:

 Shattertier Mine – To the north

–  Seven Widow Mine – To the south

First visit the Shattertier Mine and near the entrance talk to Elias Hurk, the second scout you have to find for the Eyes and Ears quest.  Elias will also give you a new quest that must be completed in the mine, a side-quest called Deadeye.

Side Quest: Deadeye

Objective: Defeat Deadeye

The Shattertier Mine is inhabited by Bolgan Brutes and Brownies. There is only one tunnel to follow and it will take you straight to Deadeye. It is a very weak boss, specialized in ranged attacks. Push him in a corner and take him out. All Bolgan Brutes can be assassinated, if you follow their moves and act accordingly. After you kill Deadeye, talk to Elias Hurk outside.

At this point all quests in Cursewood are completed and you can advance to the next area. For additional experience points, items and gold you should investigate Seven Widow Mine.

To reach the Midden, we suggest you to go through Foes’ Hearth. The entrance to this small dungeon is in the northern tunnel of Shattertier Mine.

If you follow this route, you will exit in the pass between Cursewood and The Midden. Near the exit, you will find Cydan, the Winter Fae. Talk to him and the objective of Silence Falls quest, will update.

You are asked to destroy three Chantries. All of them are in Klurikon, as follows: one in The Keening and two in Drowned Forest. But to complete this quest, you have to travel through The Midden, which is the next area you should visit.

Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Walkthrough