Five Games Every Gamer Should Try


GameCube: The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

Link and Zelda have been favourites among players for years, so it’s no real surprise that they’ve made it into this line up. While all the Legend of Zelda titles can be seen as excellent, it’s the 64 bit Ocarina of Time that steals our hearts. Every. Time.

This is because it has a deep storyline that progresses at a steady but exciting pace, it’s super challenging and therefore keeps you guessing, and the map is huge. Yes, the graphics are dated and sometimes hard to look at for prolonged periods, but that’s part of its cult classic charm.

Five Games Every Gamer Should Try 1

Xbox and PS: Fallout 3

Since 2001, Fallout games have come in and out of popularity, but none of them have quite gripped players the way the third installment did. Right from the beginning you had a story that showed you your own birth, and took you all the way to the end, with a host of crazy quests and battles in between.

You can literally play hours upon hours and still not have discovered every nook and cranny. And then there’s the soundtrack, a fine array of tunes that transports you back in time, giving a postmodern texture to the title that has never been so successful replicated as it was here.

As it’s a shooter game, some players may be put off, but stick with it, it’s definitely worth it.

Five Games Every Gamer Should Try 2

Mobile: Pokemon Go

Pokemon is one of the best handheld gaming series ever. Since 1995, the world has felt the need to take to their Gameboys and DS to try and catch every single pokemon they come across.

The need to ‘catch ‘em all’ has been so great that many people favour battling and collecting over the storylines themselves. And now we can play on our smartphones, thanks to the introduction of AR; we can roam around our hometowns, throwing pokeballs as we go in a quest to be the very best.

Five Games Every Gamer Should Try 3

Mobile: Betway Blackjack

Also great for handheld players is blackjack from this reputable brand that has been one of the popular since 2006. Unlike bland computer programmes from the 90s, here you can can meet the blackjack dealers and soak up the atmosphere of the casino.

There are also a varied range of games to help keep the experience fresh everytime, something that other titles can’t promise after hours of use. It isn’t an option for every gamer, but you should all have a play at least once to see what all the fuss is about.

Five Games Every Gamer Should Try 4

Mobile: Episodes

This game is one that allows you to enjoy the natural progression of a plotline, while also putting you in complete control; you can be the gamer and the creator.

It is quite niche in reality, and is primarily aimed at female players rather than males (judging by the topics covered and that most of the main protagonists are teenage girls), but it is a title that everyone should try out at least once.

Just be warned, you could get hooked before too long!

Five Games Every Gamer Should Try 5