Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough: The Duke Cave


The third chapter in Duke Nukem Forever and the third part in our full text walkthrough, is called The Duke Cave.

In this chapter, Duke must play a minigame and our step-by-step guide offers additional tips and tricks on how to solve it faster.

Additionally, it is important to know that when this chapter ends, players will have to fight the first boss in the game (excluding the Cycloid from the first chapter), in a special chapter called Mothership Battle.

The secret elevator from the previous chapter, takes you to Duke’s Cave.

Pay close attention to the information you receive during the conference with General Grave.

Exit the room trough the door behind the throne, and go left. Open the door and take out the aliens that appear.

Proceed down the corridor and then open the door on the left. Kill all aliens.

Make sure you play some pinball in the next room and use the mirror to admire yourself.

Also, use the punching bag to increase your Ego, then grab an object and open the round door on the left side of the room.

Follow the tunnel but stay out of flames.

When you exit, make sure you drink a beer to unlock the Flagon of Chuckles Achievement/Trophy.

Continue through the corridor on the left and take out more aliens. Make sure you execute as many as you can, then open the next door.

When you exit the next area, the computer will ask you to use the Duke Vision.

Press Up on your D-Pad and continue.

Jump on the pipes to your right and follow them. You will have to crouch and jump several times before reaching the bottom floor. The aliens there can’t see you, so kill them quickly, and exit through the door.

Take out the next alien, then go right and enter the next room.

More aliens wait for you, so be careful. After you kill them, look around and you will see a highlighted entrance to the ventilation system. Punch it and exit the room.

To exit the next area, grab the barrels and throw them away to clear the exit.

Take out the aliens, and then, grab one of the highlighted barrels. A pipe will fall. Go up on the pipe and move forward to the other end. Don’t jump off it. Turn around and then run. When you reach the end, you must jump. This pipe must be used as a ramp.

Continue on the next pipe and then go left. Crouch and enter the tunnel.

When you reach the end of the tunnel, use your fists to clear the entrance. Kill one of the aliens in the next room and pick up the AT Laser.

Clear the room and look around until you see an energy cell. Pick it up and place it in the reactor.

Do the same with the second energy cell which can be found in this room, but be careful because some aliens will attack.

Take them out and exit the room using the door they opened. You still need one energy cell. After you kill the aliens inside this room, open the door on the right, and follow the corridor.

Eventually you will see a remote control in front of you. Pick it up and use the monster truck to push the last energy cell under the door. This minigame (puzzle) can be tricky, but take your time and you will solve it.

Make sure you create several ramps which will allow you to get the RC monster truck to the highest shelf. Use the walls in your advantage.

After you pick up the last power cell, return to the reactor and place it in. You will notice that near the reactor is a box of steroids. Pick it up and take some. You will unlock the Juiced Trophy/Achievement and Duke’s melee attacks will be unstoppable.

A group of aliens will enter this room. Make sure you kill them using the effect received from Steroids, then exit the room using the door opened by aliens.

Follow the stairs down, then the corridor and you will find a pistol. Pick it up. Enter the next area and clear all enemies. Use the explosive barrels, for additional damage.

When the area is cleared, you will observe a large cannon in the middle. Mount it and watch the small cutscene.

Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough