DmC: Devil May Cry Mission 1 Collectibles Locations


Found is the first mission in DmC and while playing it, fans of the game can find 8 Devil May Cry collectibles, or secret items.

The collectibles that must be located in DmC: Devil May Cry Mission 1, are six Lost Souls, one Key and one Secret Door.

The following DmC: Devil May Cry collectibles guide, reveals their locations along with instructions on how to get them.

Players should be aware because during the first playthrough they will be able to find only three Lost Souls, because the rest of them require additional weapons and abilities.

In other words, to get a 100% completion rate in the first Devil May Cry mission, players will have to replay it, once Dante gets the following weapons: Arbiter, Osiris and Eryx.

Additionally, several abilities such as Ophion Angel Lift are also required to get all Devil May Cry Lost Souls in Mission 1: Found.

The Arbiter becomes available in Mission 2, along with Osiris; while Eryx is unlocked in Mission 6.

Mission Name: Found

Keys: 1

Secret Doors: 1

Lost Souls: 6

Lost Soul #1

The first collectible in Mission 1, requires one of Dante’s special weapons, named Eryx.

This weapon is a pair of gloves which allow him to bash through specific doors, which means that without it, the first Lost Soul in the game can’t be collected.

Eryx is a weapon unlocked in Mission 6; therefore, as soon as Dante gets the gloves, the current mission must be replayed.

To find the Lost Soul, you have to complete Dante’s “target practice” when he gets his pistols: Ebony and Ivory.

When the lesson is completed, move forward, and turn right to see a door with a red seal on it. Bash the door using Eryx and behind it is the first DmC Lost Soul.

Lost Soul #2

The second collectable in the first mission of DmC: Devil May Cry is also a Lost Soul. The Lost Soul can be located and collected after Dante recovers his pistols: Ebony and Ivory.

As soon as the target practice has been completed, Kat appears, telling him that the Demon Hunter that chases Dante is not a regular Demon, and Dante must follow her if he wants to escape from Limbo. At this point you have to collect the previous Lost Soul and then advance, following Kat.

To get the second Lost Soul, you have to move forward and in front of you is a building on which you can see a glowing sign: “SPEND!”.

The Lost Soul is attached on the window below the sign. To get it you have to perform a series of melee attacks. Once the Lost Soul has been released, you have to remain in front of the building to get the next collectible, which is a copper key.

Copper Key #1

The third collectible in DmC: Devil May Cry Mission 1 is a Copper Key. After you get the previous item, instead of following Kat, while facing the window where the Lost Soul was located, you turn left, and observe that the road was destroyed.

Dante can avoid the gaps on the road by double jumping, and at the end, on a higher platform, is the only key that can be found in this level.

After you get it, you have to retrace your steps and continue to follow Kat.

Lost Soul #3

The next Lost Soul is located in the area where you can see a ferry wheel showing some dragons. It is the area where you learn how to use a Divinity Statue.

When you enter the market, before approaching the statue, go right, around the house. On the ground you should see a Vital Star. While facing it, turn left and if the Ophion Angel Lift was unlocked, you can notice that you can use it to reach a platform on the other side, by performing a series of jumps.

On the platform, attached to a house is another Lost Soul.

Note: This Lost Soul can’t be collected without the Ophion Angel Lift ability, unlocked in the second mission.

Secret Door #1

The DmC: Devil May Cry Mission 1 Secret Door is located in the theater area, where Kat instructs you to enter. To reach the building you have to escape the Hunter Demon and his attacks, by evading when he tries to grab Dante.

If the Demon catches Dante, a series of melee attacks must be performed in order to escape. The theater is located on the right side of the road.

Once you enter, follow the first corridor and turn left keeping an eye on the right wall. At the end of a small corridor is the DmC Secret Door that can be opened using the Copper Key.

The door unlocks a secret mission named Air Brawl. To complete the challenge within the time limit, approach the Demons, and hold B (on Xbox 360) to launch them in the air along with Dante.

Continuously press Y to perform a series of melee attacks while the Demons are in the air.

Lost Soul #4

After you encounter the Demon Hunter inside the theater (the sequence showing him breaking a mirror) advance until you reach a larger corridor.

In front of you is a large puppet sitting on a chair. While standing in front of it, go right and then left around the corner, to find a red door. The door can be opened using the Arbiter axe (unlocked during the second mission). Once the door is smashed, enter the room, and look up, on the opposite wall to find the Lost Soul.

Now exit the room, and move slowly, to find the next soul.

Lost Soul #5

After you collect the previous Devil May Cry Lost Soul, move down the corridor, and look up and to the left. Attached to the left wall (the one opposed to the corridor you have to follow) is another Lost Soul.

Collect it, and remain in the same area (corridor).

Lost Soul #6

As soon as you get the fifth soul, advance, and move towards the puppet that exploded when you entered the corridor (it is located on the left side of the stairs that take you down, towards the exit).

Next to the said puppet, is another room with an iron gate on the other side.

Enter the room and look up, above the door, to find the last Devil May Cry Lost Soul.

At the end of the mission, you will have to defeat the Demon Hunter, in order to start the second DmC mission, named Home Truths.

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