Darksiders II The Weeping Crag Collectibles


East of Stonefather’s Vale, in Darksiders II is a small area called The Weeping Crag, which, unlike the previous zone included in our Darksiders 2 collectibles’ guide, is smaller; however, while travelling through this area, we have to stay alert, because we will be able to find one of the Stone of Mystics needed by Blackroot, as well as other collectibles.

We remember, that in order to get a Darksiders II Stonebite, we need to get Strife’s Pistol from Alya and the Lure Stone from Blackroot located in the west side of the zone known as The Fjord; otherwise, we can’t reach the Stonebites  revealed by the game guide below.

The following Darksiders II collectables’ guide shows where we can find the Mystics Stonebite we have to collect for Blackroot, and other collectibles that can be found in The Weeping Crag area.

On the map below, the location of a Stone of Mystics is marked by a blue diamond, which coincides with the color of the shards in the game.

The Darksiders II Stones of Power on the other hand, are also Stonebites, but their color is red, and will be marked accordingly.

Stone of Mystics Location

We can find a Darksiders II Stone of Mystics on top of the right pillar that sustains the bridge from The Weeping Crag. After we cross the bridge, advancing towards Baneswood, we turn around and look up, to the right.

Book of the Dead Page  Location

It’s advised that before we go and search for this page, we get the quest from Thane where we need to kill Gorewood and we can also get the Deathgrip in order to explore all areas of The Weeping Crag dungeon.

Instead of crossing the bridge outside, we climb up where the Skeleton Key door is located and platform all the way to the right, and then up to enter the green door.

We obtain the Skeleton Key from one of the chests in the area where we fight a bigger monster and go back to open the door.

We follow the path until we can drop down to B1 level. If we go down the stairs and into the water we will reach the area where Gorewood is located.

Instead of going into the water, we run along the wall to grab a ledge. From there we must run along the walls of the narrow corridor and jump from one wall to another until we reach the end of the corridor where a Book of the Dead page awaits us.

Stone of Power Location

In the arena where we have to fight Gorewood (Level B3 of the building) we will find a Stone of Power. It is located near the waterfall, to the right side, while facing the water. We look for it up, on a rock, and shoot it down.

GnoMAD’s Gnome Location

This rare collectible can only be acquired after we obtain the Voidwalker. In Weeping Crag, instead of going through the Skeleton Key door, we take the path to the right (wall running, to the area where we get the Skeleton Key) and into the room with the pressure plate.

After using the pressure plate to get to the higher area, we activate the Voidwalker point to our left and then we go to the right side. In here we see that a large portion of the staircase is missing. At the top of the stairs is another Voidwalker point on the ceiling.

We use it in order to reach a room full of chests. We need to traverse the room to the final chest, and from there we dive in the water. When in the water, we go through the central area until we resurface in a hidden underground point where we can find a Darksiders II GnoMAD’s Gnome.