Darksiders II The Foundry Collectibles


In Darksiders II, The Foundry is a dungeon located east of The Drenchfort, and can be completed, after we finish a series of quests for Alya.

The Foundry is a vast Darksiders II dungeon with multiple levels, and several hidden Darksiders 2 collectibles.

Inside this specific dungeon we can also find one of the Darksiders II Resistance Stonebites, or Resistance Stones, needed to complete the Sticks & Stones quest we receive from Blackroot.

As for all Stonebites, to get a Resistance Stone, we have to know its location, and we need Strife’s Gun and the Lure Stone.

Below, Darksiders II fans can locate all Darksiders II collectibles in The Foundry, using the tips as well as the maps that reveal all important locations that must be scouted to get these important items.

Book of the Dead Page Location

We can get a Book of the Dead Page in The Foundry, right after we acquire Death’s Deathgrip (second floor). We exit the room in which we found the Deathgrip and look to the right.

We will see a ledge, but we can’t grab it, since it is too high.

We position ourselves facing the chasm nearby, but we don’t use the Deathgrip to jump to the other side.

Instead, we drop below using the ledge in front of us (same side), and as we fall we will see a point that can be grabbed using the Deathgrip (the point is on our side of the chasm, not on the other side).

We use it to go up the wall, fight two monsters inside the next tunnel and continue to climb up using the Deathgrip.

We will now arrive in the high spot we saw earlier. Here we can collect the Book of the Dead Page.

Stone of Resistance Location

A very easy to miss shard, because it is mobile. After we enter The Foundry (first floor) and pass the first corridor we enter a room that has several cauldrons slowly moving from left to right.

We need to wait and pay attention to the top of the cauldrons, since one of them has a Stone of Resistance attached to it (usually the third). It can be observed while facing the bridge, without crossing it.