Darksiders II The Black Stone Collectibles


The final area in Darksiders II, where the last act of the game takes place is called The Black Stone. Located at the end of the path in Shadow’s Edge, The Black Stone is a special Darksiders II area, because while exploring it, Death has the ability to travel through time.

Because of this ability, the following Darksiders II The Black Stone collectibles’ guide includes more maps, since some collectibles in Black Stone can be found in the present, while others in the past.

Inside The Black Stone, we can find the final pages of the Book of the Dead required by Vulgrim, as well as more Stonebites, Relics for Ostegoth and the last GnoMAD’s Gnome.

Our Darksiders II Black Stone collectibles’ guide below is also the final part in the full collectibles’ walkthrough we have created to help players locate every collectable in Darksiders II.

At the end of the game, players can opt to travel back to other zones, if they missed any of the items revealed by our guide.

First Book of the Dead Page Location

After the cutscene where we first speak with the demon, we go all the way to the end of the smaller circular area attached to the larger one in order to find a Book of the Dead Page.

Second Book of the Dead Page Location

Not long after using the Phasewalker to get in the past, we will arrive at a Deathgrip point (talking the only available path to the right).

As soon as we reach at the top we can collect a Book of the Dead Page that is on our right side.

Third Book of the Dead Page Location

In the present, in the area with the chest containing the Skeleton Key, we need to use the two Voidwalker points to reach a room that’s at a higher level (the room from the past that contains the bomb necessary for clearing the Corruption around the chest).

In the south-east corner of that room we can find another Book of the Dead Page (it’s exactly the same spot where we can find a Relic of Etu-Goth, but in a different time).

Fourth Book of the Dead Page Location

When we go back in the present after going through the Skeleton Key door, in the same corridor with the Phasewalker point, at one end is a Voidwalker point and at the other end is a Book of the Dead Page that can’t be collected because the corridor is broken.

We activate the Voidwalker point that is clearly visible and then we go towards the page location, and standing at the edge of the rupture we activate the Voidwalker point that is on a wall near the page.

Now we  can travel and collect that Book of the Dead Page.

First Power Stonebite Location

When we reach the yellow lever (right after we collected the second Book of the Dead Page) we need to look at the statue with many hands that is on our right side, because it has a Stone of Power attached to it.

Second Power Stonebite Location

The next Stonebite can be a bit complicated to obtain, because, once again, it is at some distance from the point we shoot it.

After we go back in the present for the first time we will cross to the other side of the central arena. After we do this we go through the narrow corridor to our left and before crossing the broken bridge, as soon as we exit the corridor we look to the right and we activate the Phasewalker point that is there.

While being in the past we go back the way we came and into the room with the Skeleton Key door. If we stand in the middle of this area, with the Skeleton Key door to our right, we need to look a little bit to the left side, where a demon is patrolling. On the far left wall is a Stone of Power.

Note that in order to save a trip to the past, we can collect this one after we obtain the Skeleton Key, or, even better, when we’re searching for the bomb in the past, while facing the chest with the Skeleton Key, we take the right path instead of the left one, and once we climbed the stairs we look at the wall to our right to see the stone.

Third Power Stonebite Location

In the present, in the area where the chest with the Skeleton Key is, if we take the lower path that leads to a Deathgrip point that is right in front of a Voidwalker point, we need to take a look high above these two points to spot another Stone of Power.

Resistance Stonebite Location

After using the Phasewalker to get in the past for the first time, taking the only available path (to the right side), we’ll arrive at a circular pit with a Deathgrip point right in front of us.

Instead of using the Deathgrip point, we drop down and we will catch a ledge. After climbing up from that ledge we reach a short corridor with another Deathgrip point on the wall at the end of it, that will lead us to the chest with the map of the are.

Again, instead of using that Deathgrip point, while being in the middle of the corridor and facing the point, we look up, at the right side, to see a third Deathgrip point.

This is the one that we will use to reach a secret area (2nd floor). In here, while looking from the balcony at the orange ceiling, we will see a Stone of Resistance in the center of it that can be collected  (in this same area we will also find a powerful weapon).

The stone is also observable from where the chest with the area map is, but the distance is too big and it can’t be removed.

Relic of Etu-Goth Location

When we go to the past for the second time using the Phasewalker point that’s in the same area with the chest containing the Skeleton Key, we activate the Soul Splitter while standing on the pressure plate in order to unlock a grate. If we follow the newly opened path we arrive in a room with a bomb.

First we need to defeat the enemies there, and after that, while facing the bomb, we turn around and we check the left corner because in there is a hidden Relic of Etu-Goth.

GnoMAD’s Gnome Location

After we enter the Skeleton Key door we need to activate a yellow lever. After that, we climb down using the ledges in the wall to our left in order to use a Phasewalker point to get back in the present.

In the present, we need to climb back up from where we got down, go through the Skeleton Key door that was in the past and walk until the end of the path to find a GnoMAD’s Gnome.