Saturday, July 22, 2017

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We Still Know (Almost) Nothing About the Ataribox

One month of hype and one “dev reveal” later, we still know almost nothing about the new Ataribox. During E3, Atari teased a new mysterious...

The Team Who Cried “NERF!”: Will Overwatch’s Doomfist Be DOA?

Overwatch’s newest hero - the aptly-named Doomfist - has received an update that has some players crying “nerf.” After several months of anticipation following the...

Opening Gameplay Highlight – For Honor –

For Honor - Opening Gameplay Highlights - Get Ready for the For Honor Walkthrough and Gameplay Highlights Knights and Vikings actually DID exist in the...

New Online Games

New Online Games - We'll keep it short and sweet. Just check out the link below, and you'll be blown away by the Genres...