Tomb Raider Documents Locations

Published on 2013/03/01
Tomb Raider 2013 Video Game Details Genre: Action-Adventure Developed by: Crystal Dynamics Published by: Square Enix Platforms: PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 Release date: March 5, 2013

Tomb Raider Documents can be found in almost all regions of the video game, and they are available early in the story, when Lara explores the forest. The Documents take the shape of books, and they can be used to uncover many of the island’s secrets, or even diaries belonging to the Endurance’s crew members, or Lara’s journals. The Tomb Raider Documents are hidden in various places around the island, just like the Relics and the GPS Caches (and other Tomb Raider collectables). However, Lara’s Journals are automatically added to the collection, so players don’t have to worry about them during the gameplay, as long as they visit all camps. Another aspect regarding the Documents is that they award players with experience points, which is mandatory for those who want to build Lara’s skill tree faster. Not all Tomb Raider Documents are easy to collect, for the fact that some of them are hidden in areas that are locked for players, unless they obtain the proper equipment. Later in the story, players can acquire new gear. When that happens, it is recommended to use the Fast Travel system available at most Base Camps to return to previous areas, because there may also be some Relics or GPS Caches left around. There are 54 Tomb Raider Documents divided in eight categories, and those who can get at least 75% of them will unlock two achievements, Bookworm and Historian. There’s also a third achievement for all Documents, which also counts the Relics and the GPS Caches. An important fact that must be mentioned is that players won’t be able to find all Tomb Raider documents unless they complete the game, because the last document is in fact Lara’s final diary entry, which is added to her collection during the final cutscene of the video game.

Tomb Raider Documents List

Ancient Documents – 10 Documents Ambassador: First Impressions Ambassador: Discoveries Hoshi: Answering the Call Ambassador: Dark Tidings Hoshi: At Her Side General: The Oath General: The Conquerors Hoshi: In Her Image General: Failure of Duty Hoshi: An End Endurance Officers – 7 Documents Whitman: Don’t Leave Me Reyes: Dear Roth Reyes: Dear Alisha Whitman: My Great Discovery Roth: An Apology Reyes: About Lara Whitman: Crossing the Line Lara’s Journals – 10 Documents Shipwrecked Nightmares Prepared for the Worst Unnatural Storms Ancient Guardians No Escape Don’t Think, Don’t Fell The Promise The Monastery The Thruth Confessions of a Solarii – 5 Documents Salvation The Best Job Survival of the Fittest Toil and Distraction In Her Honor Diaries of a Madman – 7 Documents Stranded Alone Research The Solarii Belief Obsession Lost Wartime Intelligence – 6 Documents Scientist: Secret Project Soldier: Oni Stalkers Scientist: Secret of the Island Soldier: Awakening Scientist: In Search of the Star Soldier: Last Stand Endurance Crew – 7 Documents Sam: Feelings of Unease Sam: Filmmaker Sam: Family Story Sam: Adventures with Lara Grim: The Good Old Days Alex: Over His Head Jonah: Recognizing the Thruth GPS Secrets – 2 Documents Unknown: Mysterious Orders Unknown: Failed Mission

Tomb Raider Documents Guide

Coastal Forest – 5 Documents Mountain Temple – 2 Documents Mountain Village – 7 Documents Base Approach – N/A Mountain Base – 3 Documents Base Exterior – 2 Documents Cliffside Village – N/A Shantytown – 5 Documents Summit Forest – 2 Documents Geothermal Caverns – 3 Documents Solarii Fortress – N/A Chasm Monastery – N/A Chasm Stronghold – N/A Chasm Shrine – 3 Documents Chasm Ziggurat – N/A Research Base – 3 Documents Shipwreck Beach – 4 Documents Cliffside Bunker – 4 Documents The maps below reveal the locations of all Tomb Raider Documents  hidden in the video game, and they can be useful to those who have not found all Treasure Maps or raided every Tomb.

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