Full SoulCalibur V Characters List


The video game guide below reveals the full list of SoulCalibur V characters, which appear in the fighting video game developed by Project Soul.

Namco Bandai resulted from the union between Bandai and Namco Ltd. and it`s one of the largest entertainment companies in Japan.

Ubisoft is in top five when it comes to game publishing companies, having their headquarters located  in France, Europe.

SoulCalibur 5 will be published by both Namco and Ubisoft.

The latest edition to the Soul Calibur series of video games will be released on January 31, 2012 in US, on February 2 in Japan, and on February 3 in Europe, for Xbox360 and PlayStation3.

SoulCalibur V Characters

SoulCalibur`s game director, Daishi Odashima, wrote in 2010 on his Twitter page “SC is back!” to let players know that a new game will be released, and on May 11, 2011 SoulCalibur V was officially announced.

Like in the previous SoulCalibur games, the search for the Soul Swords continues, but in SoulCalibur 5  the action takes place in the 17th century, throughout Europe, several years after the events presented in SoulCalibur IV.

Improved graphics, new SoulCalibur V Characters to play with, around 20 stages to discover, redesigned looks and dressing styles for most characters are some of the game’s new features  .

It’s known that  the game includes more than 20 SoulCalibur V Characters, thanks to the newly introduced ones, such as Patroklos, Z.W.E.I., Xiba, and the master assassin, Ezio Auditore (guest character).

Players can follow Patroklos in his attempt to link his family to the legendary Soul Swords; get to know and control Patroklos`s sister (also a new character to the series); discover Ezio`s moves and make use of his Hidden Blade; create personalized characters or control Algol and Edge Master in fights.

Played in single-player or multiplayer, SoulCalibur 5 comes with various game modes such as Offline Play, Legendary Souls, Arcade, Quick Battle, Versus Battle, Team Battle or Training.

Players can also watch demo fights between computers.

For all Soul Calibur’s fans, Namco Bandai announced the Collector’s Edition.

The pack includes the game, the game’s art book, armors used to customize some SoulCalibur V Characters,  the game’s soundtrack and  lots of images and videos with some of the new characters introduced in the game.