SoulCalibur V Characters Guide: Ezio Auditore


Ezio Auditore is the guest playable character in Soulcalibur V, and a character well known from the Assassin’s Creed series of video games.

Ezio’s first appearance was in Assassin’s Creed II and he returned for the next two videogames of the franchise: Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood and Assassin’s Creed: Revelations.


Born in Florence, Florentine Republic (today’s Italy), Ezio’s noble family lived during the Italian Renaissance age.

A mentor to the Italian Assassins, Ezio Auditore was also an ancestor to Subject 16 and Desmond Miles (characters featured in the Assassin’s Creed Series).

After Rodrigo Borgia ordered his men to execute Ezio’s father and two brothers Federico and Petruccio, Ezio took his sister and his mother, and escaped Florence.

Mario Auditore (Ezio’s uncle) lived in Monteriggioni, in the Villa Auditore. There, Ezio’s remaining family members took refuge and he learned about his heritage.

At the Villa Auditore he started the assassin training, and after many assassinations, Ezio Auditore finally reached his main target: Rodrigo Borgia.

It is told that, while on his way to find more about the past, Ezio boarded a Templar ship where a powerful artifact was held.

His attempt in getting the artifact was a success, but when the chest was opened, Ezio’s timeline jumped to the 16th century, where the assassin fought against strange enemies. After those events he appears back on the boat sailing towards Navarre to fight Cesare Borgia.

Fighting Style, Weapons and Moves (Attacks)

Ezio masters the fighting style practiced by assassins. He excels in speed even if his attacks don’t inflict high damage.

Ezio Auditore fights with a variety of weapons. For his critical edge move, in  SoulCalibur 5, Ezio Auditore uses the hidden blades, his crossbow and the hidden gun.

When he performs a critical move, Ezio throws a smoke bomb, cuts three times his opponent with the hidden blades, and then he fires a shot from the crossbow and another one from the gun.

SoulCalibur V Complete List of Moves: Ezio Auditore

Note: The game was played on Xbox 360

LEGEND: A= G, B= K,  X=A, Y=B, LB=A+G, LT=B+G, RB=A+B, RT=A+B+K

A = Horizontal Attack, B = Vertical Attack, K= Kick, G = Guard.

Soul Calibur 5 Ezio Auditore Main Moves List (Combo List)

Stiletto Rush: →A.B.B

Crossbow Sweep: ↙A

Forehead Thrust: ↘B

Standard Crossbow: →B+K

Flickering Knife: →→ or ↘↘ or↗↗A

Eagle’s Flutter: ↓↓ or ↑↑ A.A

Culf Crusher: ↙↙ or↖↖ K

Strike and Loot: B.B A+B+K

Aquila Furioso: →→ or ↘↘ or ↗↗ B.B A+B+K

Full Synchronization: ↓↘→↓↘→ A+B+K

Combo 1: A+B ~ ←← B

Combo 2: ←← K ~ ←← B

Combo 3: →→ A+B ~ →→ B.B

Combo 4: ↙ K ~→ B A+B+K

Combo 5: ←← A (counter) ~ ↓↘→↓↘→ A+B+K

Soul Calibur 5 Ezio Auditore Edge Attacks List

Full Synchronization: ↓↘→↓↘→ A+B+K

Strike and Loot: B.B A+B+K

Kill Streak: Tyrant Assassination: → B. A+B+K

Aquila Furioso: →→ or ↘↘ or ↗↗ B.B A+B+K

Soul Calibur 5 Ezio Auditore Horizontal Attacks List

Hidden Left: A.A

Stiletto Rush: → A.B.B

Brutus’ Smite: ↘A

Shin Slash: ↓A

Crossbow Sweep: ↙A

Crossbow Combination: ↙A (counter)

Crossbow Beat ~ Standard Crossbow ~ Low Crossbow: ←A.B. ↑ or ↓ B

Shin Slash: while crouching A

Stalking Stiletto: while rising A

Vaulting Hidden Blade: jump A

Rear Hidden Left: turning around A

Rear Shin Slash: while crunching turning around A

Soul Calibur 5 Ezio Auditore Vertical Attacks List

Palm Slash: B.B

Darius’ Stab: →B

Forehead Thrust: ↘B

Instant Death: ↘B (counter)

Shin Stab: ↓B

Sequential Stab: ↙B.B.B

Step-Out Thrust: ←B

Biting Eagle: ←B (counter)

Arma Segreta di Leo: ←B during counter hit →

Shin Stab: while crouching B

Dual Blades: while rising B.B

Ledge-Drop Slash: jump B

Rear Hidden Uppercut: turning around B

Rear Shin Stab: while crouching turning around B

Soul Calibur 5 Ezio Auditore Kicks List

Reverse Head Impact Kick: K

Head Impact Kick: →K

Insurance Stomp: → K ↓

Torture Male: ↘K

Crawl Low Kick: ↓K

Heel Lightning: ↙K

Brawl Kick: ←K

Crawl Low Kick: while crouching K

Upper Knee: while rising K

Jumping Front Kick: jump K

Rear Head Impact: turning around K

Rear Crawl Low: while crouching turning around K

Soul Calibur 5 Ezio Auditore Simultaneous Press Moves List

Air Tackle ~ Low Crossbow: A+B. ↑ or ↓ B

Mercy Strike: ↓ A+B

Requiescat in Pace: B+K

Standard Crossbow ~ Low Crossbow:  → B+K. ↑ or ↓ B

Low Crossbow: ↓ B+K

Evade Crossbow: ← B+K

Advertent Eagle: turning around B+K

Soul Calibur 5 Ezio Auditore 8-Way Run Moves List

Flickering Knife ~ Standard Crossbow ~ Low Crossbow: →→ or ↘↘ or ↗↗A.B. ↑ or ↓B

Flickering Knife ~ Low Crossbow: →→ or ↘↘ or ↗↗A. ↓B

Eagle’s Flutter: ↓↓ or ↑↑ A.A

Aerial Assault: ↙↙ or ↖↖ A

Circling Eagle: ←←A

Eagle Fury: →→ or ↘↘ or ↗↗ B.B

Twist Stab: ↓↓ or ↑↑ B

Body Wrencher: ↓↓ or ↑↑ B (counter)

Air Assassination: ↙↙ or ↖↖ B

Tiphone di Bianca: ←← B

Round High Kick: →→ or ↘↘ or ↗↗ K

Turning Back Kick: ↓↓ or ↑↑ K

Calf Crusher: ↙↙ or ↖↖ K

Step-In Side Kick: ←← K

Flying Eagle: →→ or ↘↘ or ↗↗ A+B

Low Flyby: after running some distance K

Soul Calibur 5 Ezio Auditore Throws List

Grab: Suppressing Assassination: A+G

Grab: Zero Range Pistol: B+G

Grab: Finish on Ground: left side throw

Grab: Hook and Go: right side throw

Grab: Backstab Assassination: back throw