Grand Theft Auto V Submarine Pieces Locations Guide


Grand Theft Auto V Submarine Pieces don’t count toward 100% completion but you need to find them in order to complete a Strangers And Freaks mission from a character named Abigail.

The following Grand Theft Auto V Submarine Pieces Locations Guide reveals all 30 areas you must explore and teaches you how to get all submarine pieces in GTA 5 faster.

The guide includes a Grand Theft Auto 5 Submarine Pieces Map and hints that will point you to these hidden items.

Unlike collectibles (Letter Scraps, Spaceship Parts) the Submarine Pieces require a specific vehicle and equipment.

To start looking for all GTA 5 Submarine Pieces you need to complete the story mission named Blitz Play and you need to buy the Sonar Collection Dock property.

The property is located on the western coast of Los Santos. After you finish Blitz Play and after you purchase the Sonar Collection Dock, make sure you play as Michael, because he is the only character who can talk to Abigail.

On the dock, you will find Abigail who will ask you to find 30 hidden Submarine Pieces that will help her prove that her husband, Frank is dead. Frank was a rich man and a TV star, but Abigail has no money, and she wishes to get her hands on the funds from Frank’s life insurance.

After you talk to her, you will start a new side mission named Death At Sea.

Death At Sea Mission Walkthrough

Death At Sea is a short mission you can complete only if you play as Michael. After you start the mission you will notice that near the dock is a red boat, named Nagasaki Dinghy.

This GTA 5 Nagasaki Dinghy boat is a fast vehicle equipped with special sonar that works only while you look for the 30 hidden Submarine Pieces, and which is similar to Trackify.

How To Use The Dinghy Sonar

Once you get inside the boat, open your main map and notice the green circle that points to one of the locations on the map below. Set the marker towards that location and drive the boat until you reach it.

Notice that when you enter the area, the sonar starts to blink, and the signal forms a circle. Place your boat as close as you can in the middle of the circle and jump into water.

The Nagasaki Dinghy is a boat equipped with a scuba diving suit. Next, continue to pay attention to the signal generated on the mini-map and dive deeper but continue to move to the middle of the same circle. The circler gets smaller based on how close you are from the submarine piece. When you are close enough start scouting the area and search for the large submarine pieces that glow underwater.

If you encounter difficulties in finding them, you can use the hints listed below that will help you find them. You have to be aware that while looking for the GTA 5 hidden Submarine Pieces you can also retrieve a series of items known as Secret Packages, because most of these items share the same locations.

Furthermore, try to allocate as much time as you can to scout the ocean’s floor, because you will get multiple weapons, ammo, and other goods, which also glow when you are near them. The Submarine Pieces are grouped, and once you get all of them, you will have to move to the next location.

You can pick them up in any order you wish, as long as you get all of them. After you find the last GTA V submarine piece, return to Abigail to start the second side-mission, named What Lies Beneath.

What Lies Beneath Mission Walkthrough

Grand Theft Auto V What Lies Beneath is a very short mission that is triggered when you get back to Abigail with all 30 submarine pieces. During the cutscene you will find out that Abigail is involved in Frank’s death, therefore you can take care of her if you wish, or you can let her go.

The only reward Michael gets for finding the Submarine Pieces is$10, and What Lies Beneath is the last mission in GTA 5 you will get from Abigail.

The Nagasaki Dinghy will remain in your possession but the sonar is removed after you get the final submarine piece.

Grand Theft Auto V Submarine Pieces Locations List

Submarine Piece 1 – It’s located on the sea floor, between the two arched structures.

Submarine Piece 2 – The second submarine pieces is inside the round fuselage, close to the first piece.

Submarine Piece 3 – To find the third GTA 5 submarine piece on the map, look for a large plane engine, and search in front of it.

Submarine Piece 4 – The fourth submarine piece is also located next to an engine.

Submarine Piece 5 – After you find the previous piece, you will get the fifth by moving west, and looking inside the plane wreck.

Submarine Piece 6 – Exit the plane wreck and swim down to find the sixth hidden piece, close to a white stone, and behind a large iron fence.

Submarine Piece 7 – Continue to swim west from your previous location and look for the tires of a plane. Next to them is the submarine piece.

Submarine Piece 8 – Next, swim north-east and look for another piece of a cockpit. Inside is a ladder and at the bottom of the ladder is the submarine piece.

Submarine Piece 9 – The ninth submarine piece is on top of a large piece of fuselage.

Submarine Piece 10 – After you get the previous item, swim slowly to the north and look for a ship wreck. At the back of the ship, look under the stairs.

Submarine Piece 11 – For submarine piece #11 on the map below, look near a large rock covered by green algae.

Submarine Piece 12 – Once you get the eleventh submarine piece, remain on the floor of the ocean, and swim south looking for the wreck of a smaller plane, because in front of it is the 12th GTA 5 submarine piece.

Submarine Piece 13GTA 5 Submarine Piece #13 is located directly under the large shipwreck between the small islands on the east coast of Los Santos.

Submarine Piece 14 – After you get the previous hidden item, swim up and enter the shipwreck through the large hole above. Now, search the ground for another piece.

Submarine Piece 15 – Remain in the area, but swim to the south to find another shipwreck and on the front deck, the 15th submarine piece.

Submarine Piece 16 – On the same shipwreck swim to the other side and you will find some containers. Behind a blue container is another piece.

Submarine Piece 17 – The seventh hidden GTA 5 submarine piece is located near the tail of a large plane, under a grate.

Submarine Piece 18 – On the opposite side from where you have found the hidden submarine piece #17 look for a smaller part. Swim as low as possible.

Submarine Piece 19 – After you get the previous piece, swim along the plane and enter it through the cockpit to find the piece inside the plane wreck.

Submarine Piece 20 – In the harbor area, dive close to the marked location and look for the piece on top of some wooden planks.

Submarine Piece 21 – The next piece is located in the same harbor, and it is stuck between two wooden pillars, next to a large rock.

Submarine Piece 22 – As you swim west from the previous piece, locate a metal structure and near it you should see a cart partially covered by sand. Next to the said cart is the glowing hidden submarine piece.

Submarine Piece 23 – Continue to move west in the harbor and you will find two additional pillars partially outside the water. Dive and you will find the next submarine piece between them.

Submarine Piece 24 – From your previous location, follow the canals north-west and dive on the marked location. The submarine piece is near a white metal structure with a large wheel on one end.

Submarine Piece 25 – Once you get the 24th piece, follow the canal north towards Cypress Flats and dive when close to the marked location. The next piece is also located near a metal structure on the right side of the canal.

Submarine Piece 26 – As you follow the canal behind the main area of the harbor, you will eventually reach a new location, close to a yellow ladder. Dive and look behind the concrete pillar on which the said ladder is attached.

Submarine Piece 27 – On the main canal located in the central area of the port of Los Santos, as you move towards the ocean, dive on the marked location and look for the submarine piece, on top of some wooden planks, part of an old structure.

Submarine Piece 28 – On the southern area of the harbor, the marked location on the map, points to an underwater arched cave where you will find the 28th submarine piece.

Submarine Piece 29 – The 29th piece is placed at the entrance of a large pipe close to the Terminal.

Submarine Piece 30 – In the canal between the eastern side of the airport and the harbor, you will find the last submarine piece. Dive and search for a tall wooden structure. When you find it, search at its base for the last Grand Theft Auto 5 Submarine Piece.

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