Grand Theft Auto V Spaceship Parts Locations Guide


Grand Theft Auto V Spaceship Parts play an important role in the video game, once you manage to collect all of them, and the following guide explains where to look for all collectibles and most important how to get them, without using Chop and the iFruit app.

The GTA 5 Spaceship Parts are scattered all around Los Santos, and some of them are very well hidden, while others are easy to locate, but hard to get. To be able to make a GTA V Spaceship Part appear on your map, you have to meet a specific Stranger and Freak, named Omega.

Omega is a character who claims to be abducted by aliens, and only Franklin can talk to him.

In order to find Omega, you need to complete the main mission named Fame and Shame, then you will be able to trigger the first mission in a set of two.

Grand Theft Auto V Far Out Mission Walkthrough

Once Fame and Shame is completed, get Franklin and travel to Sandy Shores, where you see the O letter marked on your map.

Approach Omega and he will tell you that some aliens tried to kidnap him, but their spaceship was destroyed, hence he needs 50 Spaceship Parts that were lost.

Finding all GTA 5 Spaceship Parts

After you receive the Far Out mission in GTA 5, you can attempt to find the hidden Spaceship Parts for Omega; however, there are several aspects that must be mentioned.

In GTA 5, the Spaceship Parts count as collectibles, along with the hidden Letter Scraps, and if you wish to get a 100% completion rate at the end of the game, you need to find all of them.

Furthermore, the Spaceship Parts allow you to unlock the achievement/trophy named From Beyond the Stars.

Finding all 50 GTA 5 Spaceship Parts is a test of patience and you have to pay close attention to the environment.

Unlike other items hidden in Los Santos such as Secret Packages, Nuclear Waste Barrels or Letter Scraps, the Spaceship Parts make a distinctive sound when you get close to them, but the sound can be covered by other environmental sounds.

Even if the mission is triggered by Franklin, you can collect them with other character, and the order is random. Furthermore, if you have the iFruit App for Chop, you will be able to send the dog to fetch a spaceship part; however, even if you use Chop, the collectibles are still hard to find, mainly because Chop fetches them when near, but the dog can’t show you their locations.

Because of this, the following Grand Theft Auto V Spaceship Parts Locations Guide will help you find all parts faster, and it was divided in two sections. The first section shows the complete list of spaceship parts and the areas where you will find them, along with instruction on how to get them.

The second part in our full Grand Theft Auto 5 Spaceship Parts Locations Guide includes a map on which you can see the exact locations for all collectibles in this category. The numbers on the map correspond with the instructions below; therefore, if you encounter difficulties in location a Spaceship Part after travelling to its location, you can use the hints that will eventually help you pick it up.

When you reach one of the locations marked on the map, stop, and pay close attention to the sounds. A good idea is to turn of the music in the game. Additionally, you should try to locate the Spaceship Parts collectibles during the night, when the traffic sounds are diminished.

Because of the game’s verticality, you should know that these GTA 5 collectibles can be located anywhere, including in the areas below you, such as tunnels, or those above you, such as roofs. As an example, the GTA V Spaceship Part collectible marked on the map by number 49, is extremely hard to find and get. Chop, won’t be able to fetch it for you, and you will need a helicopter to reach it.

The said collectable, is under a bridge, and the traffic sounds will cover the sound made by the part. If you go under the bridge you will notice that you still can’t hear it, because the part is located high above you, on the bridge’s sustaining arch.

Since that specific area can’t be climbed you will need a helicopter to land exactly near the collectible, on one of the ledges nearby. The Spaceship Parts collectibles in GTA 5 can also be hidden underwater, or on rooftops on which you will have to land using a parachute or a helicopter, such as Spaceship Part #13.

The restricted areas can also contain hidden parts; therefore, make sure you have enough ammo when attempting to get them.

Collecting all Grand Theft Auto V Spaceship Parts is a time consuming adventure that requires all your skills as a driver and pilot. Once you get the collectibles, you can return them to Omega.

Grand Theft Auto V The Final Frontier Mission Walkthrough

The Final Frontier is a short mission and can be completed only after you find every Spaceship Part in GTA 5. Immediately after you get the last GTA V collectible, you must return to Omega as Franklin.

The stranger waits for you and he will be extremely satisfied with your accomplishment, allowing you to enter the barn where you will find a special car he built.

You can take the car and store it in your personal garage. After the cutscene inside the barn, you will complete all quests you can get from Omega.

Grand Theft Auto V Spaceship Parts Locations List

Spaceship Part 1 – Sandy Shores – The spaceship part is in the water, not far from the shore.

Spaceship Part 2 – Sandy Shores – The collectible is near the tallest rock/boulder.

Spaceship Part 3 – Sandy Shores – In the alien themed park, on the top of the (colored) hill that’s next to the car with the flying saucer.

Spaceship Part 4 – San Chianski Mountain Range – You can find the collectible inside the dry dock at the end of the road.

Spaceship Part 5 – Grapeseed – The part is in the middle of the animal pen.

Spaceship Part 6 – Mount Chiliad – At the end of the road is a farm. Check inside the barn to find the collectible.

Spaceship Part 7 – Mount Chiliad – Inside the barn that’s opened (near the rail trakcs).

Spaceship Part 8 – Paleto Bay – Inside the courtyard of the fire station is a structure that resembles a watchtower. The spaceship part is at the top level (not on the roof).

Spaceship Part 9 – Paleto Forest – The collectible is under the small bridge that’s over the channel dug by the silt (the one that’s closest to the driveway).

Spaceship Part 10 – Paleto Cove – You can find the part on the small peninsula that’s covered in grass, under the largest tree.

Spaceship Part 11 – Cassidy Creek – The 11th part is on the island that’s under the bridge (the larger one next to the waterfall).

Spaceship Part 12 – Vespuci Canals/Palomino Ave – On top of the liquor store is a large (vertical) billboard. Use the ladder behind the store to climb the billboard and find the spaceship part.

Spaceship Part 13 – Vinewood Hills – The collectible is in the water, right next to the road/bridge.

Spaceship Part 14 – Elysian Island – On top of the pipe that connects the two dome structures. Use the staircases and the ladders to reach the top of the domes.

Spaceship Part 15 – Davis – On the helipad of the medical center, check for ladders or a staircase near the emergency area.

Spaceship Part 16 – Strawberry – The collectible is under the highway (between the traffic lanes) next to an old couch (look for a trashed van).

Spaceship Part 17 – Elysian Island – The spaceship part is inside the water, just look for some boat scraps.

Spaceship Part 18 – El Burro Heights – Not far from the bridge is a buried pipe that dumps the water on the beach. The part is next to the pipe’s end.

Spaceship Part 19 – Pacific Ocean – The collectible is on the small island formed by rocks.

Spaceship Part 20 – El Burro Heights – There are two containers right next to one of the buildings. One is opened and inside is the collectible.

Spaceship Part 21 – Murrieta Heights – There’s a small river that empties into the canal. On the side with the canal climb on the catwalk to spot the spaceship part on the middle pillar/column that separates the “water gates”.

Spaceship Part 22 – Textile City – You can find the 22nd collectible in the bazar/market, around the corner of the “Bean Machine” café next to a ladder that goes to the roof.

Spaceship Part 23 – Land Act Dam – The spaceship part is under the small dock/pier that’s near the dam.

Spaceship Part 24 – Tataviam Mountains – In order to find the collectible you need to check right where the pipes spill the water in the lake.

Spaceship Part 25 – Tataviam Mountains – On the shore, near the large archway dug by the ocean.

Spaceship Part 26 – Grand Senora Desert – At the corner, leave the path and go lower, alongside the path. The part is behind a rock, pay attention to the sound.

Spaceship Part 27 – Grand Senora Desert – Behind the house is a banner that says “Welcome” and it has an alien head printed on it. Underneath the banner is the collectible.

Spaceship Part 28 – Grand Senora Desert – Find the collectible on the damaged porch behind the house (there’s also a letter scrap behind the old billboard).

Spaceship Part 29 – Zancudo River – The spaceship part is next to the river, between some rocks.

Spaceship Part 30 – Zancudo River – Under the bridge, between two sustaining pillars (near the shore).

Spaceship Part 31 – Grand Senora Desert – You can find the collectible under the boat.

Spaceship Part 32 – Mount Josiah – For this one you need to climb halfway on the mountain, until you find a vertical façade that’s impossible to climb directly. Circle around to reach the top and then drop down (or use the narrow path) where the collectible is.

Spaceship Part 33 – Tongva Hills – Between the fourth and fifth rows of the vineyard, starting from the top of the hill, north-west corner on the map.

Spaceship Part 34 – Los Santos International Airport – Behind the closed hangar.

Spaceship Part 35 – Pacific Ocean – Inside the cave under the mountain, look on the right side as you enter. The part is underwater.

Spaceship Part 36 – Vinewood Hills – Use the helicopter, the atomic blimp or a parachute to land on top of the tower where the collectible is located.

Spaceship Part 37 – Vinewood Hills Observatory – On the observatory roof, near the left dome as you’re looking toward the building from the front.

Spaceship Part 38 – Richman Glen – The collectible is in the courtyard, near the large tree.

Spaceship Part 39 – Tongva Hills – The collectible is in a mountain cave, on the right side of the small river, while moving towards the hill’s peak.

Spaceship Part 40 – Tongva Valley – Look for it underwater, at the base of the waterfall.

Spaceship Part 41 – Grand Senora Desert – On top of the first satellite dish.

Spaceship Part 42 – Rancho – Inside the metal construction.

Spaceship Part 43 – Rancho – On the roof of the building. You need an aircraft to get it.

Spaceship Part 44 – Pilbox Hill – Even if you hear it outside, the collectible is underground. You can reach it, by entering the tunnels through the entrance marked on the map with a red star.

Spaceship Part 45 – Richards Majestic – The spaceship part is in the restricted area, known as Richards Majestic. You will cross this area when you reach Los Santos and race Lamar. The collectible is on the roof of a building which serves as a decor for an upcoming movie.

Spaceship Part 46 – Burton – The collectible is located in front of the large plaza (above street level). Look for the spaceship part in the green area at the end of the street that runs under the building (you can also make a stunt jump here).

Spaceship Part 47 – Burton – The 47th spaceship part is on top of the building similar to a hotel.

Spaceship Part 48 – Rockford Hills – The collectible is on the small island in the middle of the pond.

Spaceship Part 49 – Raton Canyon – The 49th spaceship part is under the bridge, as pointed on the map, but above the ground. To get it, you will need a helicopter that allows you to reach the bridge’s sustaining arches. Land the helicopter on the archway where you see the collectible, and then exit and pick it up.

Spaceship Part 50 – Banham Canyon – The final spaceship part is near a small telescope behind the pool, in the location marked on the map.

Grand Theft Auto V Video Game Details

Genre: Action/Open-World

Developed by: Rockstar North

Published by: Rockstar Games

Platforms: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3

Release date: September 17, 2013