Grand Theft Auto V Letter Scraps Locations Guide


Grand Theft Auto V Letter Scraps count as collectibles and toward 100% completion of the game, and the following guide reveals the complete map of GTA 5 Letter Scraps.

The GTA V Letter Scraps are similar to the Spaceship Parts scattered throughout Los Santo, but unlike the latter, they are harder to find because they don’t generate any sounds.

In other words, the Grand Theft Auto 5 Letter Scraps can be found only by visiting the locations on the map below, and even if you use Chop’s iFruit App, you will notice that finding all scraps can be challenging, because Chop can’t point to their locations.

How To Find The Collectibles Using Chop

There is a total of 50 Letter Scraps in GTA 5, and Chop can assist you in collecting them, if you use the iFruit app available on iTunes.

The app unlocks a new feature for Chop, which allows the dog to fetch the hidden collectibles when you get close to their locations; however, Chop can’t land on rooftops and the dog won’t be able to find the letter scraps on top of cranes or other locations that are hard to reach.

To find a GTA 5 Letter Scrap using Chop and the map below, get to one of the locations marked on the said map and then using the app installed on the phone, send Chop to fetch the letter scrap.

How To Find The Collectibles Without Chop

Most Letter Scraps in GTA 5 require your personal attention, as they are very well hidden and to reach their locations you have to allocate a decent amount of time.

If you wish to get 100% completion in GTA 5, you must find all Letter Scraps collectibles.

While other hidden items such as Toxic Waste Barrels, Secret Packages or Submarine Pieces require specific Strangers and Freaks, the Letter Scraps can be collected as soon as the game begins, and can be retrieved by any character.

The Scraps don’t generate sounds and they are pieces of a letter which is in fact a clue left by a killer, and after you get all pieces you will be allowed to decide the killer’s fate. The easiest method to get all GTA V hidden scraps is to use the map below along with the corresponding tips and hints included in the guide.

For each location you reach, you can see a number of the map. If you encounter difficulties in finding the Letter Scrap collectible, use the tips and hints provided to find it.

Additionally, you should be aware that once you get close to a location, you must take in consideration the game’s verticality.

In other words even if you are in the correct location, the Letter Scrap Collectible might be above you (on a roof, for example), or below you (in an underground tunnel, or a cave).

Another important aspect is that these collectibles are always located on land; therefore, they don’t require special items or equipment, allowing you to start looking for them as soon as you enter Los Santos.

Grand Theft Auto V Letter Scraps Locations List

Letter Scrap 1 – Grand Senora Desert – Look for it behind a large billboard, on the ground, and on the right side of the path that takes you up the hill. If you cross the road, you will see a house and behind it a spaceship part.

Letter Scrap 2 – Mount Chiliad – On top of the mountain, where the cable car arrives. It is on the platform near the parachute.

Letter Scrap 3 – Grand Senora Desert – Between the airstrip and the road, is a large rock similar to a tower. On top of it is a hidden letter scrap but you have to use a helicopter to get it.

Letter Scrap 4 – Sandy Shores – On the bottom of the drained swimming pool.

Letter Scrap 5 – Alamo Sea – The letter scrap is between the shacks, under a small roof. Locate the large logs near one of the houses.

Letter Scrap 6 – Grapeseed – Search the planting field near the road. The hidden letter scrap is on the ground, on the second row, with a white cover.

Letter Scrap 7 – El Gordo Lighthouse – The seventh GTA 5 hidden letter scrap is at the bottom of the lighthouse.

Letter Scrap 8 – Mount Chiliad – At the base of the mountain, look for a camp and check the white tent.

Letter Scrap 9 – Mount Chiliad – When you reach the location marked on the map, you should find a parking lot and a cabin made of wood logs. Check the porch of the said cabin to find the GTA V Letter Scrap.

Letter Scrap 10 – Paleto Bay – Close to Beeker’s Garage is a house partially demolished. Look for the room in the back of the house and you will find the collectible on the ground.

Letter Scrap 11 – Paleto Bay – Also in Paleto Bay, close to the previous collectible is a beach house. The collectible is on the back porch on the second floor. To find the house look for a garden with red flowers (tulips), under the said porch.

Letter Scrap 12 – Paleto Forest – Follow the mountain road towards the lumber mill, but before entering the mill, check the rocks near the path. The GTA 5 letter scrap is on the ground, near three rocks and two trees.

Letter Scrap 13 – Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness – Follow the path up to the mountains and look for a brown cabin, near a communication pole (red). On the ground while standing near the pole is the hidden scrap.

Letter Scrap 14 – Mount Chiliad – On the lake’s shores, close to a boat.

Letter Scrap 15 – Raton Canyon – On top of the smaller mountain located between the roads. You should use a helicopter to get it faster.

Letter Scrap 16 – Great Chaparral – Behind the chapel, is a graveyard. Locate the three white crosses, and look behind them on the ground.

Letter Scrap 17 – Great Chaparral/Route 66 – The collectible is located under a bridge on the main road (Route 66).

Letter Scrap 18 – Lago Zacundo – In the swamp area of Lago Zacundo, very close to the plants near the shore. For this specific Letter Scrap, you should fly and scout the area, to spot it.

Letter Scrap 19 – Great Chaparral – For Letter Scrap #19, you have to find a door in the mountain’s wall. The door is locked, close to the road and it was used by mine carts. In front of it, is the collectible you need.

Letter Scrap 20 – Vinewood Hills – In the picnic area, near the top of the mountain, in front of a picnic table, you will find the collectible.

Letter Scrap 21 – Vinewood Hills – When you reach the location marked on the GTA 5 Letter Scraps Map below, look for a pool, close to a building with a Ping-Pong table inside. The collectible is close to the said table.

Letter Scrap 22 – Tonga Hills – Close to the road, is a vendor selling fruits. Near the vendor’s stand is a map of the area, and in front of it, the hidden scrap, on the ground.

Letter Scrap 23 – Pacific Bluffs – For the next collectable you have to explore a maze. If you encounter difficulties, you should scout the area with a chopper, while flying as low as possible.

Letter Scrap 24 – Pacific Ocean – On the ocean’s shore you will find two large pools, behind a hotel. In the middle of the pool is a bar and on the counter is the letter scrap.

Letter Scrap 25 – Pacific Bluffs – After you find the chapel in Pacific Bluffs, search the graveyard and you will see a lake. In the middle of the lake are a smaller island and a coffin. Next to the coffin is the letter scrap.

Letter Scrap 26 – Richard Majestic – In the restricted area of Richard Majestic (the movie studio), you will find another GTA 5 letter scrap. You will eventually alert the cops; therefore, you have to move quickly. To find it, enter through the main gate (where the guard stands in the cabin) and turn left but remain close to the studio’s fence. On your right side you will see a stairwell. Go up and look on the platform to spot the letter scrap.

Letter Scrap 27 – Pacific Ocean – Get to the pier and search for the restaurant named Pearls. Go to the second floor and look for two tables with blue umbrellas. The collectible is on the ground next to the tables.

Letter Scrap 28 – Pacific Ocean – The 28th letter scrap in GTA 5 is on the bottom of an empty pool, on the beach.

Letter Scrap 29 – La Puerta/Palomino Ave – Travel to the marked location and search the tunnel beneath the main street. The letter scrap is on the platform in the middle of the water.

Letter Scrap 30 – Los Santos International Airport – Get to the airport and look for the collectible, close to the underground entrance. You will find it next to two blue chairs and two guards.

Letter Scrap 31 – Los Santos International Airport – For the 31th. scrap on the map, you have to use a chopper, the blimp, or you have to parachute yourself on the second floor of the round restaurant in the airport’s central area.

Letter Scrap 32 – Elysian Island – In the pier area, look for a boat named Oliphantus, stationed on the ground. Board the ship and check the main deck for the letter scrap.

Letter Scrap 33 – Terminal/Buccaneer Way – On top of a blue crate that can be accessed by climbing the nearby crane. You will have to perform several jumps to get the letter scrap.

Letter Scrap 34 – Cypress Flats/Popular St – The 34th letter scrap is located underground, and can be accessed through the entrance marked by a red star on the map below. When you enter the train tunnel, pay close attention to the left side of the tracks while advancing, because the letter scrap is on an upper platform.

Letter Scrap 35 – Davis – Look for the 35th letter scrap behind a house with a red garage door, at the end of the street (round area).

Letter Scrap 36 – Chamberlain Hills/Davis Ave. – The letter scrap collectible is on top of the green trash bin located in front of the Mega Mall supermarket.

Letter Scrap 37 – Pilbox Hill – On top of the yellow crane. To get it, enter the construction site and look for the crane. It is the only yellow crane in the area and it should not be confused with the brown cranes. Climb the crane using the ladder until you get to the crane’s arm, then look up and you will see the highest platform where the letter scrap is located.

Letter Scrap 38 – La Mesa –Letter Scrap 38 on the map below is located on a bridge. Look for it on the sustaining pillar.

Letter Scrap 39 – Alta – Check the construction yard on the marked location, and look for a foundation close to another yellow crane. On the bottom of the foundation is a hole surrounded by wooden planks. Inside the hole is the letter scrap.

Letter Scrap 40 – Hawick – Find the store named Hawaiian Snow and on its roof you will find a skateboard ramp, as well as the 40th GTA V letter scrap.

Letter Scrap 41 – West Vinewood – After you travel to the location on the map, look for a mansion with a barbecue grill outside. The letter scrap is on the table near the grill.

Letter Scrap 42 – El Burro Heights – In El Burro Heights search the hangar with a green toilet in front of the entrance. On the right side of the hangar are a bus wreck and the collectible you need.

Letter Scrap 43 – Pacific Ocean – On the shores of the island, behind some bushes, close to the water.

Letter Scrap 44 – East Vinewood – Look for letter scrap #44, under the bridge at the end of the middle section of the dam.

Letter Scrap 45 – Vinewood Hills – Go to the racetrack in Vinewood and search the 4th row of seats in the central section.

Letter Scrap 46 – Vinewood Hills – Travel to Vinewood Hills and look for the large billboard similar to the one in Hollywood. Climb on letter I to find letter scrap 46.

Letter Scrap 47 – Redwood Light Tracks – On the race track, in the round structure under construction, look inside the hole in the middle.

Letter Scrap 48 – Pacific Ocean – When you reach the island on the map below, search its lower side, and look for the collectable behind a rock, close to the island’s edge.

Letter Scrap 49 – Pacific Ocean – The point on the map marks the underground cave where you will find letter scrap 49. As you enter the cave search the left side close to the cave’s wall.

Letter Scrap 50 – Grand Senora Desert – The final Letter Scrap in Grand Theft Auto 5, is located on top of the sand sorting system, next to the road. Climb the ladder outside to reach the roof and pick up the final collectible which triggers the mission named A Starlet in Vinewood.

A Starlet in Vinewood Wlakthrough

After you get all Letter Scraps, a new Strangers and Freaks mission becomes available exclusively for Franklin, which takes him to Leonora Johnson’s killer, Dreyfuss. Dreyfuss is a strange character and once you talk to him you will start the mission named a Starlet in Vinewood.

To get 100% completion on this mission you must kill him, which is not an easy job, especially if you approach him directly.

If you wish to ensure your success on this mission, travel to the location marked on your map by an exclamation mark (?) (Killer) and shoot the tires of the car standing in front of the house. Make sure you use a silencer. Next, go inside and talk to Dreyfuss.

After Franklin shows the picture of Leonora, Dreyfuss will try to run away, but since he has no car that he can use, he will be an easy target. If you forget to shoot the tires, you will have to chase him, and shoot him down while he is inside his car.

Alternatively, you can plant sticky bombs on his car, or follow him as soon as he tries to flee, and shoot him down before he starts his vehicle.

Grand Theft Auto V Video Game Details

Genre: Action/Open-World

Developed by: Rockstar North

Published by: Rockstar Games

Platforms: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3

Release date: September 17, 2013