Grand Theft Auto V Epsilon Tracts Locations Guide


Grand Theft Auto V Epsilon Tracts become available in the game after Michael completes the final Strangers and Freaks mission included in the Epsilon series.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Epsilon missions can be played exclusively by Michael and you have to complete all eight assignments in order to be able to find and retrieve the Epsilon Tracts.

Unlike other items featured in the video game, such as Toxic Barrels, Spaceship Parts, Letter Scraps, Submarine Pieces or Hidden Packages, the Epsilon Tracts don’t count towards your goal to get 100% completion at the end of the game; however, you have to find them if you want to complete The Epsilon Tract of the 9th Paradigm. Year 157.

GTA 5 The Epsilon Tract of the 9th Paradigm. Year 157. is a text which contains multiple passages, and to complete it you need 10 Epsilon Tracts.

A GTA V Epsilon Tract is an excerpt that can be found inside a glowing capsule, which is hidden within the game’s world. While other items can be collected without following a specific order, the Epsilon Tracts appear only after you receive a series of text messages.

During the Epsilon missions you will encounter a female character from GTA 4, named Marnie. She will guide you through the initiation process and her number will be added to Michael’s phone after the first side-mission.

Once the final mission in the series ends, and Michael destroys the Epsilon group, Marnie who is a member of the same group will contact him so he can redeem himself. At this point, Marnie tells Michael that he needs to find all 10 Epsilon Tracts and to write The Epsilon Tract of the 9th Paradigm, which according to her, was already written. The 10 Epsilon Tracts; however can’t be found without Marnie’s help.

At the end of each text message you receive from her, you will see a small riddle, which gives information regarding the location of the next Epsilon Tract. For example, for the first Epsilon Tract, the text message you receive from Marnie, ends with “We worship Kraff where the Earth reaches out to the 9th Paradigm.”

The riddle indicates that the first tract is located where the Earth reaches out 9th Paradigm.

The 9th Paradigm is in fact Kraff, the god worshiped by the Epsilon group, which means that the text can be translated as where the Earth reaches the sky.

This interpretation leads you to the highest place in Los Santos, which is mount Chiliad. After you get the first Epsilon Tract, you have to leave the area and you will receive another text message from Marnie, indicating where the second tract is located.

If you encounter difficulties in finding the GTA 5 hidden Epsilon Tracts, you can use the map and the hints below, which will lead you to all 10 locations you have to visit, in order to retrieve these specific items.

As a reward for finding all of them, you won’t receive any money, but you will be able to read The Epsilon Tract of the 9th Paradigm. Year 157.  by accessing the link in Marnie’s email, or by visiting the Epsilon website.

The video walkthrough included in the guide, also reveals the location of all Epsilon Tracts in Grand Theft Auto 5.

Epsilon Tract 1

Text received: “We worship Kraff where the Earth reaches out to the 9th Paradigm.”

Location: On Mount Chiliad behind the tram station is the peak of the mountain. Travel on foot and look for two telescopes. Between them is the first Epsilon Tract.

Epsilon Tract 2

Text received: “Where the first of the fleet succumbed to the waves, there the message is seeded.”

Location: The second Grand Theft Auto 5 Epsilon Tract is located on the eastern coast of the island. Take the Nagasaki Dinghy Boat from the Sonar Collection Dock, which is equipped with the scuba diving suit and drive to the location on the map.

Once there, dive and look for the wreck of a steamboat. Close to the large wheel of the said boat you will find the tract, on the right side.

Epsilon Tract 3

Text received: “When they sail from the north they will find this offering.”

Location: The third Epsilon Tract in GTA 5 is close to the Sonar Collection Dock.

Take the same boat and drive north, until you reach the small island marked on the map below. On top of the island at the northern edge of the map is the tract.

Epsilon Tract 4

Text received: “In the core of the mountain, where the blast is not felt, there you shell find it.”

Location: The fourth Epsilon Tract in GTA V is inside a tunnel under Mount Chiliad.

The tunnel can be accessed by any vehicle and has two entrances. No matter which entrance you use, look for the tract close to the tunnel’s walls in front of a door with three stairs.

Epsilon Tract 5

Text received: “In the rubble of the old religion, will be the basis for the new.”

Location: Travel to the large church at the intersection of San Andreas Avenue and Ginger Street and look for the fifth tract next to the main door (the one you can see from the corner of the street).

 Epsilon Tract 6

Text received: “Where the first fleet sailed, the new fleet will find its map.”

Location: Head back to the Sonar Collection Dock and try to reach the yellow submarine.

As you descend the stairs next to the watercrafts you have there, look on the ground for the sixth GTA 5 hidden Epsilon Tract.

Epsilon Tract 7

Text received: “What dwelling is worthy of Kraff? He is humble, yet we exalt him.”

Location: The seventh hidden GTA V Epsilon Tract close to a luxury mansion in the area known as Richman.

Follow the location marked on the map, and when you find the villa head towards the inner courtyard but look on the left side of the main alley for a small entrance.  On the ground is the tract.

Epsilon Tract 8

Text received: “We are not dinosaurs, or plants, but a tree in the jet stream may hold Kraff’s true word.”

Location: Head back to the tram on top of Mount Chiliad and to the two telescopes where you have found the first hidden tract. While standing close to them look down on the mountain and locate several solitary trees.

On the ground next to them, is the eighth GTA V Epsilon Tract. You might be able to spot it while trying to reach the telescopes, if you look to the left.

Epsilon Tract 9

Text received: “The tallest obelisk of glass and steel holds no comparison to the word of Kraff.”

Location: Epsilon Tract #9 is located on top of the highest building in Los Santos, the Maze Bank, marked on the map below.

To reach it you have to use a chopper, or the atomic blimp.

Epsilon Tract 10

Text received: “Where they discard their earthly prisons, there you may find the germ of a higher civilization”

Location: Follow the tenth location on the map below and you will eventually reach the graveyard in Pacific Bluffs. In the middle of the cemetery is a pond and in the central area a smaller island.

On the island you will see a large coffin, and next to it is the final GTA 5 Epsilon Tract.

Exit the area and you will receive an email from Marnie with a link that will take you to the Epsilon website where you can read “The Epsilon Tract of the 9th Paradigm. Year 157.”

Grand Theft Auto V Video Game Details

Genre: Action/Open-World

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Release date: September 17, 2013