Borderlands 2 Medical Mystery: X-Com-municate Walkthrough


Borderlands 2 Medical Mystery: X-Com-municate optional mission can be activated as soon as we pick up the weapon from Dr. Mercy’s dead body in Medical Mystery optional mission.

When Borderlands 2 Medical Mystery: X-Com-municate starts, we will be contacted by Dr. Zed who wants us to test the new E-tech gun and see how it affects the enemies.

And by testing, he means that we have to kill 25 bandits using this special gun.


“Dr. Zed has made you his honorary research assistant! Your job: find out more about how this E-tech gun works by “field-testing” it on some bandits. Like, by “shooting” a bunch of them with it until they “die”.”

Level: 8


Item: Pistol

Experience: 791 XP


At the same moment when we start Borderlands 2 Medical Mystery: X-Com-municate, some bandits will spawn nearby and will come to attack us.

So, we need to equip the special weapon (which we picked up in Medical Mystery mission) from our backpack, in case we haven’t done that already, and then start shooting the enemies around us.

Note that the bandits can only be killed using this particular weapon in order to count towards our goal, and that the weapon uses assault rifle bullets.

If we run out of enemies at the marked location, we can go and search for more near Southpaw Steam & Power facility (we can even get inside to kill a few) or we can shoot them during other missions, but only with the E-tech gun.

After we successfully kill 25 bandits (wherever we find them), Dr. Zed concludes that E-tech guns are really good at killing stuff.  Next, we have to go back to Dr. Zed in Sanctuary to finish the Borderlands 2 Medical Mystery: X-Com-municate, so we can focus on other missions available in the Three Horns Valley region and explained in our walkthrough for Borderlands 2.